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How to make your gel manicure last longer

Your hands get used and abused every day, which can present a problem when you want to keep your manicured nails in tip-top condition. So, we have put together some tips to help you keep a gel manicure looking perfect for longer.

  1. Apply cuticle oil to each nail bed on a daily basis. This helps to promote stronger nail growth. It is difficult to keep a manicure looking good if you have nails that break easily, so doing whatever you can to strengthen them is a good starting point. If you have fragile nails, we’d also suggest taking Biotin, one of the Vitamin B group. This promotes nail and hair growth, and is particularly beneficial for women during and post menopause.
  2. Do not file you nails unless it is absolutely necessary. And if you must file them, please do it gently and finish any filing in a downward direction.
  3. Here is an obvious one: always wear glove when you’re doing housework and washing the dishes. Similarly, always wear gardening gloves, and if you have a hobby where you hands get a bit of a bashing (e.g. pottery and other forms of art) put gloves on. And if you’re doing anything that involves harsh chemicals, do make sure your hands are protected.
  4. Your nails are not tools, although we often use them as if they are. Please avoid picking open anything with your nails, as this is one of the quickest ways to damage your manicure.
  5. Avoid using products containing solvent oils, as these have a damaging effect on your nail colour. Sun tan oils and insect repellents often contain solvent oils, so do check before covering your hands in them.
  6. Chlorine in swimming pools also causes the colour to fade. So, if you are swimming, wash your hands after you come out of the pool and dry the nails properly before sunbathing.
  7. Occasionally there is some ‘lifting’ with a gel manicure. Whatever you do, do not pick or pull at that nail. Instead call the salon and we will assess the damage and decide if a repair is needed.
  8. We suggest disguising grown out gels by adding a dab of glitter to the base of each nail and blending it in with an upward stroke. It looks pretty and it means you can wait a few more days before getting your gel refills done.

Finally, do book a gel removal session before your next manicure. This is important as it ensure there is no damage to the natural nail.

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